Hey…. We have merch…

You can order a high resolution print of any comic by clicking the “Buy Print” link in the navigation strip under the comic. What…. you want T-shirts and yo-yo’s and mugs and plushies and buttons and balloons and temporary tattoos too?

Every webcomic you surf seems to be hawking swag. Does the world really need more T-shirts? OK you got me, need has very little to do with most of the stuff people buy. But… would anyone buy one of mine when there so many to choose from that conform to expectations? One of these days I’ll hop on the old Create-On-Demand Swag Site and set up a few, I guess. If you would like that day to be sooner, rather than later, share your favorite Tix-Comix with your friends, especially the ones with disposable income. My current teeming hordes of readers tend to be people who spend their money on Ramen noodles and keeping the lights on.

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