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Talk to the artist.  PUH-LEEEEZ! Comic artists love interaction. This is the place for general comments, offers of marriage, deal offers, donations,, or for letting your vitriol spew, as long as it has some relevance. Pretty much any relevance will do.

We’d also love it if you’d do our very short easy anonymous feedback survey and let us know how we’re doing.

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More stuff you can do to connect:

  • facebook Facebook: If you are on Facebook, you can “like” our tix-comix facebook page and post comments there, and interact with other fans. You can “like” any individual comic, and you have the option to make a comment from here which will go to your Facebook page instead of here.
  • lolComment: Please comment on the comics. But keep it relevant, i.e. talk about the comic, not your excellent cialis online store. Spam comments get deleted automatically. Yes, there are robots that can tell.
  • Social Network: There little SHARE buttons at the bottom! You KNOW what to do!
  • Vote for us! We have a megavote button that allows you to vote for us on a number of lists. Most of them let you vote once a day. The advantage of that is that you will definitely wander into some other really fine comics.
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  • Tooncast:Tooncasting is kind of like sharing on a social network, but it usually refers to embedding one of our comics in your own blog. If you use our tooncast code (coming soon I promise!), the comic will show up in your blog with proper attribution (otherwise known as linky LUV) and we love that. If you just steal the graphic and publish it, that’s plagiarism and theoretically your ass could get sued for that to the tune of $250,000. And it’s very easy to scan for plagiarized artwork, and we do it from time to time. Tooncasting looks the same and gives you more benefits.
  • Buy schwag from us: OK, OK, we don’t have any schwag to sell yet, but when we do it will be good and if you subscribe in some way you’ll be among the first to know when we have some.

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Email us a note below. You can send:

  • praise
  • suggestions, critique
  • hate mail
  • offers to do a guest comic, or requests for a guest comic from us
  • $$$$!!!
  • gag ideas, all published gag suggestions get credit with linkback plus a free print!

Please note: If you lie about or omit your email address we won’t be able to answer your email.

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