Have you noticed how pervasive it is to dis on “your mom” based on the stereotype that “your mom” is none too bright. Doesn’t matter that the woman standing before you has a PhD in nuclear genetics–she has a kid so her IQ must be just slightly higher than a bowl of oatmeal. So easy your mom could install it? Give me a fucking break! Note that it doesn’t say, “a Pollack” (or any other ethnic or racial group), or “your drunken uncle” or “your Downs’ syndrome little brother.” That would be making fun of a nationality, the disabled, or the unfortunate: clearly a NO-NO! But it’s OK to make assumptions about a woman who carried a child, fed it, wiped its shitty little ass, and taught it to say please and thank you. And if she protests, it’s like, “oh that’s just a joke, it’s not really evil like institutionalized racism.” Yeah, right. Tell that to the woman who didn’t get the job or was passed over for promotion because she was a mom.

Last year I took someone to task about this online. I would find their lame attempts to defend doing it (see this thread) rather amusing if it wasn’t hurting people. If we’re going to be politically correct then there can be no exceptions!

Please share out this comic to people who need to see it. (That would be almost everyone.) Dissing “your mom.” Not funny when you’re the mom. And besides, asshole, YOU carry YOUR MOM’s genes!

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