Since the dawn of standard web feed protocols such as RSS, ATOM, etc., the number of sites offering email subscriptions has gone down. Email is viewed by the new generation as hopelessly archaic. Tix-Comix has had a feed and a subscribe button from the get-go, but I suddenly realized that vast numbers of of people still don’t grok feeds. And there are people who, for a number of highly valid reasons, don’t belong to Facebook, or rarely check it if they do.

The FUIG* attitude would be, “you people are too lame to get my awesome comic anyway.” That’s not my attitude. Heck even my best friend doesn’t grok feeds. I don’t want to exclude non-feeder/non-facebookers from all the excellent benefits a subscription to Tix Comix brings into your life. If you are one of those people, you can have Tix-Comix delivered to your email right from the home page. Email might be old and grey, but EVERYONE has email and by now everyone understands it.

So go ahead, subscribe your way: either through the feed, through facebook, or through good ol’ email. You’ll probably want to enable images if you subscribe to the email or there won’t be much point. And if you enjoy your Tix fix now, just wait. We have some extremely awesome surprise benefits for subscribers planned for the not-too-distant future.

I made this comic to illustrate and call attention to the installation of the email subscription button on the home page. I had fun drawing the bracelet. I really have that bracelet. I scored it at Vic market in Melbourne.

*FUIG=Fat Ugly Internet Guy

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When all else fails try email, 1.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings