When you’re a little kid and you take your lunch to school, remember how you had to have the “right” food at lunchtime? No matter what you actually liked to eat. The other kids would make fun of you if your lunch wasn’t cool. You’d think adults would outgrow this, but no, all they do is update the details a bit. Food choices still gets used as a way to discriminate.

You can go through this long list of “uncool” foods that you don’t like, or won’t eat for whatever reason. It’s totally OK even for adults to make fun of uncool food, and by extension, anyone who eats it. I think tofu has got to be at the top of that joke food list.
But not just any food can be on it. God help you if you don’t eat certain All-American foods. WTF is wrong with you? That’s why vegetarians get hassled all the time and people who don’t like black olives don’t.

Tix was just trying to be social and chime in on a vapid, seemingly innocuous stream of lunchtime chat about food preferences, but she happens to be allergic to pork. ZOMG! Instantly politicized and labelled as a member of a class that’s obviously unpopular with Tim.

Once you pigeonhole someone as one of “them,” you dehumanize them. Liberal hippies deserve to be treated badly, right? Needless to say, that was the last time Tix ever volunteered any personal information, no matter how seemingly innocuous, to those guys.

Oh BTW, the setting for this comic is not the Bremerton Ferry on a rough day, or anything like that. It’s just that eating lunch under those circumstances feels like it.

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