Way back last May I had this comic ready to go. It sort of got lost in the shuffle of all the crazy stuff that happened (not sure whether it was the 2D world or the 3D world or both) but anyway, here it is now. Susan had just acquired a baby named Sammy and was busy adjusting to motherhood. You’ll see more of Sammy in the future. When this comic was drawn he was still in the “gelatinous” stage, and didn’t do anything very interesting, but I expect him to do interesting cute little kid things as he grows that I will totally exploit.

When Sammy and Susan apparently disappear exactly at the Rapture date and time predicted for 21 May, 2011 by Harold Camping, Tix wonders for a brief moment if maybe the whole thing is true. I gotta tell ya, though, she found them a minute later. Susan had simply taken Sammy out in the back yard to get him a clean outfit off the clothes line.

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The Rapture that Wasn't, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating