This is a guest comic from my good friend George Ford over at Addanac City. I did the basic storyboard, and George embellished the script a bit (particularly the euphemism for taking a dump) and paired it with his own unique brand of visual humour. I knew George would have a good time with it… panel #3, especially. If you haven’t checked out George’s work before you should. Addanac City like a modern day Dennis the Menace… with the gloves off. Little Hank Addanac gets himself into scrapes of course, but unlike Dennis’s perfectly bland parents, the adult characters in Addanac City have their own hilarious imperfections.

Our hero Tix is occupying the bathroom and suggests that Robby use the second one. I think if Tix had looked at that disgusting revolting bathroom recently, she probably wouldn’t have suggested that Robby use it. But she was taking the kids at their word to keep it hygienic…. always a mistake to take kids at their word.

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