Everybody gets lapped at one time or another. Someone who is truly and simply faster will come calmly up behind (you usually hear them for a while) then gradually overtake, and soon they are out of sight, not to be seen again.

The ego lapper’s problem is that he just can’t stand to be behind. He roars up all of a sudden and sprints past. His body language seems tinged with anger. Then once he’s past and has achieved a lead where he can no longer hear the lappee’s footfalls, he relaxes back into his normal pace, which, in many cases is the same or (OMG) slower. He stays ahead at that same lead distance forever.

It is hilarious when a guy who is actually slower than me does it. Of course once he relaxes I start to gain on him. I make it a point not to surge past him. But he doesn’t like the pressure, and will speed up, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. If he speeds up a lot I just let him go and gain the ground again. When he gets tired of it he inevitably goes off on some side road (I think) to get rid of me. If he speeds up just a little I respond by speeding up just a little to see if I can keep it up longer than he can. Mostly I can, since I was the faster runner in the first place.

I had a friend who got out of shape and was trying to get back into running. He wasn’t used to it and so when we went running I would pull ahead on the hills. My friend told me point blank he felt very humiliated to run behind a woman. I pointed out that behind the woman is the best view for the guy.

These are some 1 minute gesture sketches that were then inked painted digitally with transparent. Drawing figures in motion is fun.

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