In 2007 I was in a bike wreck where I smashed my left hand, put some serious gashes in my face and bashed my head in pretty good. I was wearing a helmet (it probably saved my life,) but I still suspect there was some permanent brain damage. You have to have a screw loose to do a web comic, after all! I had just finished a long bike ride and I was within about 4 blocks of my sister’s house, where I was visiting. I got patched up in the ER there in my sister’s town but after I got home I needed to see a doctor to take the stitches out and tell me when the plaster could come off. I had successfully avoided doctors pretty much since my youngest was born, and the one that delivered that baby had long since departed the practice. So I had to get a new doctor, and of course, he couldn’t just use the medical history from the old one, he personally had to take a new complete medical history interview including this insane question about whether I was sexually active. I should have twigged when it was him not the nurse who took my history.

I bet he asks the questions in that order to everybody just to get his doctorish jollies. I kick myself for falling for it.

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