If you just dropped in here, the Farty Poop story arc begins with this comic. There are 3 episodes prior to this one.

Everybody at one time or another builds a working computer out of old crap (AKA e-waste). It’s kind of a proof-of-geekness thing. But you’re pretty much done when you succeed in getting the Linux command line prompt. Some people actually continue using their recycled workstation for limited functions, but nobody uses one made out of junk this old for their primary work box. It’s just not cost-effective, not to mention unreliable. It seems Tix’s geek mojo is being tested post-hire by being asked to build a workstation from this electronic junk. Common sense tells her this task is not cost effective. Is it her common sense or her raw geekery being tested? Do you think Tix will be able to pass the test?

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