I didn’t have time to fully process just exactly what are all the implications of being raptured. It happened so unexpectedly. I mean, like am I still married? Coz, legally it’s “till death do us part” and I don’t think that I am dead. And the robot replacement thing–that was a shocker. Well of course it’s going be functionally equivalent to me in EVERY WAY, which brings up some interesting technical issues, e.g. just how does sex with a metal robot work anyway? And my poor husband, of course he can’t be blamed–he’s trapped in some kind of brain trap matrix where the obvious differences are not apparent to him. This is the trailer for the Star Trek episode titled “The Cage” that God referenced. It doesn’t show any of the guys with the big brains, so here is what they looked like, in case you missed it.

Woah! Special effects have sure come a long way since the 60’s!

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