If you just dropped in here, the Farty Poop story arc begins HERE. There are 4 episodes prior to this one.

I couldn’t come up with a gag or even anything remotely weird in today’s comic. But we sort of need this one to set up the next one.

Tix has a dilemma. She wondering how the boss is going to take the fact that she did not follow his instructions to the letter. If a boss already respects you, they will perceive: great strategy, used resources efficiently and solved the problem quickly. But if they think negatively of you they will be like: couldn’t do it by yourself, could you? Had to bring in someone else.

Usually you get a little cred for free at the beginning of a new job. After all, they chose YOU. But if the job is such crap to begin with that no sane person would work there, the boss has such low self-esteem that he starts out already thinking negatively of anybody stupid or desparate enough to accept employment there. Tix has had the heebie jeebies about this outfit from the get-go. OTOH, Abe seems pretty content.

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