A 64-year-old dude was  picked up yesterday “Go Car Free Day” for real in our town for cycling naked, because he told the cops he thought it would excite people.  Huh!  Delusions of grandeur!  I would have had this published  by 10:00 except that I spent all day fighting with my scanning software.  I uninstalled and reinstalled exactly the same software three times.  That’s why it’s black and white, instead of color. It finally worked on the third install.  The only difference was in the successful and final install I agreed to participate in HP’s customer interaction what-cha-ma-thingie.   It’s only a correlation, not a proven causal relationship, but paranoid little me do have suspicions.

Anyway, here’s  this chick’s take on how “exciting” it would be to see a geezer pedaling down my street with his nutsack hanging out in the breeze.   (Actually I have seen it a few times when it was unintentional on the dude’s part, and it’s not a pretty sight then, either.)

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