This comic was inspired by me breathing new life into my husband’s 23 inch (uhhhhhh) Apple monitor. He got it with a pre-Intel G3 that now seems like a dinosaur and won’t run a lot of the newer software. It’s a gorgeous monitor with acres of real estate. Of course Apple, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make it with an ADC type of connector which they only used for about a microsecond, then they migrated to DVI.

For a while they manufactured an adapter, but then they decided: hey we can make more money if we quit making this adapter, then all these screens will be obsolete/unusable and people will have to buy new ones. And it’s true! I’ve seen screens like my husband’s stacked 3 deep and going for a song at University surplus. You can’t get the adapter from Apple any more since they quit making it (GRRR!!!!) I’ve seen them listed for as high as $450 online. I scored one on Ebay for $150 and it works fine with MY laptop, which has the older style full sized DVI socket, but the newer laptops such as my husband’s have mini-DVI.

From the picture I thought the ADC-DVI adapter had both, but it turns out the smaller plug is USB, (which it also apparently needs to do all the things ADC did.) Luckily, DVI to mini-DVI is readily available and cheap, as long as you don’t buy it from Apple. When the “adapter for the adapter” arrives, Tom will finally be able to use his big monitor again.

When we were getting in bed that evening I was just thinking of what a confusing ridiculous world it would be if people were like electronics, so then of course I had to get up and draw this comic before I could (ummmm) go to sleep.  It had to be Marilyn and whatever random guy she picked up for the night. This sort of “hardware” jargon is where she lives.

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