I developed this really weird rash a while back. Every day for about six weeks, right around dinner time I would break out in hives in the gluteal region and sometimes down the legs or on the belly, chest, and arms too. By bedtime, however, the booty rash would start receding, and by the next morning there was no trace of it. I did home doctoring on it but it didn’t go away and I thought this has been going on long enough that I should see the doctor but how can I show it to him if it only pops up during non office hours. Finally one day it broke out around 16:00 and so I got in to see the doc. He didn’t even look at the result of years of running and yoga, just gave me some Claritin and told me to go in for an expensive allergy panel. I went home feeling vaguely disappointed. I was gonna do the allergy panel, but after another week or two, the whole booty rash thing just cleared up on its own. Oh well.

Below the comic is a reasonably recent picture of my two sisters and me. We call ourselves the butt sisters. My youngest sister said she always envied my butt, and I couldn’t figure out why because her booty is pretty awesome. But, she said, “you’ve pooped out a whole bunch of babies and I haven’t”. Well, we are all three cut from pretty much the same cloth. So, guess which one is me.

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