Farty Poop just doles out surprise after surprise. First Tim assumes that Tix knows all about token ring networking, an old technology that is still in use in some very very conservative installations. (Here’s a link for the IT geeks among you.) Tix is insulted, because token ring is way old, and we know part of Tix’s comic schtick is to have just a bit of a chip on her shoulder about “maturity.” There was nothing in the job interview about TOKEN RING!! The good news is that Tix won’t be called on to use her miniscule knowledge and zero experience with Token Ring, as Farty Poop runs on “up-to-date” ethernet.

And thankfully Tim is actually providing an old CRT monitor for Tix that works (sort of), but then he lets slip he pretty much regards Tix as a system administrator, when she had been told the position opening was for a developer.

What new surprise awaits Tix as she tries to settle in to this new job?

Things I have learned: In a job interview, NEVER admit you even know about a technology more than two years old, unless the job description specifically called for it. Even if they use it, they probably have it in some crumbling albeit mission critical old part of their enterprise that no one likes and you’ll be tagged as the go to guy for the old tech and never get a chance to learn the new stuff.

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