I am not normally into ostentatious displays of piety, but I kinda get into Ash Wednesday. There’s something about the death theme that feeds my inner Goth. (Yeah, there’s one for a T-shirt.) Anyway this comic presents a perfect scenario to have Tix cross paths with Harvey Addanac from Addanac City. Every time you proudly go out in public wearing your ashes, some bozo feels compelled to tell you you have dirt on your face, and who fills that bill better than old Harvey. Given that it’s austere Ash Wednesday, (really that’s a ruse, the truth is I am really rushed today and had to skip the queue to get this comic out at all) I didn’t color it, but if I had, it would have featured ol’ Harv in his shocking maroon and mauve ensemble, (see it HERE) one of many of the loud outfits you see him in over at his place.

Seriously, though, Ash Wednesday serves to remind everyone, no matter what religion, that life is short and let’s not waste it.

“Memento homo quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris.”

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