A retired widower bought a house in a quiet neighborhood during the summer holidays. When school started up again, he realized his house was on the homeward route for a large number of middle schoolers. Three of them in particular loved to take sticks and bang on rubbish bins and fences. They made a terrible racket. One day he hollered out to them,

“Hey kids! I’m really enjoying your percussion and I’d like to pay you each a dollar.”

He gave them each a dollar. They were overjoyed, and they banged with greater gusto than ever. This continued every day for a week. Monday of the next week, they came around for their dollar and he said,

“I’m sorry kids: I’m on social security and I’m out of money. I can only pay you a quarter today.”

The biggest of the kids replied,

“Screw you, mister! If you think we’re gonna play our hearts out for a lousy quarter, you’ve got another thing coming.”

For the rest of the year the gentleman enjoyed quiet from those kids.

Bottom line for this comic: When you’re getting paid to do something, it makes it feel like work, and no one wants to work.

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