This comic is about the ordinary bizarreness in the daily life and work of our middle aged hero, ex computer geek, and now full time musician Patricia Branco (AKA Tix), who is loosely based on myself.

Tix-Comix has a non trivial sized cast but several characters are extras who only appear in one or two strips, so I have omitted them for now. Here are the major supporting players (in alphabetical order) I intend to eventually illustrate this list with an iconic portrait of each member of the cast, but meanwhile, if you click any cast link, you will go to an archive page with all the comics in which that character appears.

  • Abe Lucas: The “creative director” at Farty Poop, one of the many strange dysfunctional places that Tix has worked at. Abe is one of those maddening people for whom things just seem to fall into place, without them doing anything much to deserve it.
  • Becky Rock: Tix’s artistic teenaged daughter. Likes to dress kind of grunge retro.
  • C.P. Rock: Tix’s son, known for getting himself into scrapes and for awesome musical ability.
  • Clarita Branco: Tix’s sister
  • Rich Cogsley: an annoying idiot work mate that keeps popping up at many of the jobs Tix has held.
  • Darlene Woolengrass: a substitute teacher, who single handedly raised her now middle-aged son Lenny. They were once Tix’s neighbors.
  • Doris (Barron) Branco: Tix’s mother
  • the Dude: Jazz musician, one of Tix’s musical mentors.
  • Fat Ugly Internet Guy: annoying internet troll, hater and ruiner of the internet for everyone.
  • Geoffrey Throckmorton: the rather humourless husband of Paloma
  • Jorge Branco Tix’s brother, inventor of the cult of the Boule, and the card game of Jacks Trump-U
  • Juanita Rock Tix’s daughter and coffee drinking buddy
  • Lenny Woolengrass: kind of antisocial former neighbor of Tix, son of Darlene. Has spent time in jail.
  • Lorna Nolan: ambitious high achieving woman who was briefly Tix’s supervisor
  • Marilyn Monet: Tix’s alcoholic lesbian computer hardware techie drinking buddy.
  • Mickey Wescott: Tix’s music buddy from Australia
  • Nell Keppler: a self-made woman and friend of Tix
  • Paloma (Perez) Throckmorton: a recently rediscovered childhood neighborhood friend of Tix’s who hates her own Chicana-ness.
  • Dr. Peter Meyer: Tix’s doctor.
  • Robby Rock: Tix’s husband, a very quiet and reserved guy
  • Sammy Boulanger: the recently adopted son of Susan.
  • Sanchez:a neighbor of the Branco family and drinking buddy for William when Tix was growing up, often seen visiting with Paloma‘s mother. Nobody knows his first name.
  • Susan Boulanger: a professional harp player and very good friend of Tix’s. Mother of Sammy
  • Theo Branco: brother of Tix. Grew up to be an IT guy.
  • Tim Casper: the owner of Farty Poop, one of the strange enterprises that Tix has worked for.
  • Vipey: Tix’s dog, a mixture of chocolate lab and wire haired pointing griffon.
  • Vznyk Grsnklo Farty Poop’s remote system administrator from Albania (we think). You never actually see Vznyk.
  • William Branco Tix’s dad
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