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Johannesburg plastic mosaic

MOSAICS ROCK! Mosaic is another word for remix. I am signed up to assist with Ella Rhoades’ local trash receptacle mosaic beautification project , which will be built by volunteers. I also have my own plans for some mosaic projects built from recycled material but we need your help! These projects are necessarily of a fairly large scale, and we simply can’t collect enough recycled material from our own consumption for what we want to do. The installation pictured at left required something like 90,000 plastic caps. Seems huge, but that’s only 90 people saving 1000 caps each. In a year: quite doable!

I am in need of mass quantities of plastic bottle caps of various sizes and colors as long as they are not more than 1.5 inches in diameter and are fairly flat. My daughter is collecting metal bottle caps such as those that come on beer. You can help in two ways:

  • Save your plastic and metal bottle caps & sign up below to let us know you’re doing it and we will figure out some way to collect them, probably in the Spring of 2013. If you help with materials, you’ll get acknowledged when the work is mounted.
  • You can also help actually assemble the project if you wish, and be acknowledged as a collaborator as well.

Sign up

QR code to sign up Use this handy dandy sign-up genius link to sign up to save caps for the project. Then just start hoarding them. I keep mine under the kitchen sink. We won’t use your email for ANYTHING except this. You can expect an email reminder every couple of months and when we get closer to building the project we’ll inform you where you can drop off your collection(s) and then we’ll plan the projects and invite you to come help us build them.

We don’t know at this point what the subject is going to be. It will depend on the amount and color distribution of caps we collect. Suggestions are welcome!

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