Bearman is one of the best human beings I know. And his political cartoons are damn funny too. He is having the fourth annual fan challenge. For every thing the fans do to push the Bearman brand, he gives money to charity. I am a huge Bearman fan. HUGE!  So I saved my produce stickers for, like, 14 years, laboriously photographed each one, and then created this pathetic tribute mosaic of Bearman’s avatar with a free program called AndreaMosaic. (Warning: don’t use the Mac version, at least not on Lion. But the PC version works fine.) AndreaMosaic is easy to use, but the quality of your mosaic depends very much on what you feed it. As you can see. UPDATE: AndreaMosaic Pro Beta works just fine on the Mac. The latest and greatest installer works just fine.

Hey, they don’t call me a “talentless hack” for nothing. Anyway, visit Bearman’s site for ways you can make Bearman empty his pockets.

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