I don’t think Japan needs another confused potty mouth gringo wandering around further straining their already devastated infrastructure.  But they can use your support and mine and here is how you do it.      The Comics for Japan website was set up by DJ Coffman and has the backing of the Webcomic Alliance.

Step 1.  (Everyone) Send a  contribution to one of the links below.  Even if you’re broke.

Step 2. (Everyone) Share out this comic to everyone you know.  We have all kinds of buttons and gizmos to help you do it efficiently.  We’re sure you are not stupid and can find them.  Once you’ve done this, if you are not a webcomic creator you are done.

Step 3.  (only for webcomic creators) Create a comic on the subject of helping Japan.  Copy the information below into the text accompanying your comic.

We as webcomic creators are fortunate to have an audience that we can encourage to help donate in ways that will directly aid the people of Japan.Here are the two key places you should mention in your comic or on your comic’s blog:

http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html – This link is for monetary donations. It is a Google page made by the Red Cross in Japan. The lowest people can donate is 100 yen which is roughly $2 and change.Every little bit counts.

www.2hj.orgSecond Harvest is an organization in Japan where people can ship supplies that will be on the ground DIRECTLY to the people who need them. Take a look at the list of supplies at the link. You might consider gathering up a big box of supplies and having a few friends pitch in for shipping to Japan. They need raw supplies more than money at this time.

Step 4:  Comment on the Webcomics for Japan site and  leave your link or send them an email with a link to your “Comics For Japan” strip.

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