This article in Wired examines the widely held belief that sad people are more creative. But if it really is true, and the sad, yet creative people are aware of it, then they would be happy because they believe that they are more creative. But if they are happy they are not sad. I think you can see where this is going.

I submitted this comic to a guest comic contest on Wasted Talent, but …. *SIGH* the rejects ended up on an somewhat hidden Facebook album euphemistically entitled “Bonus Comics”. Anyway, although it wasn’t good enough for WT, it totally meets the standards we have over here at Tix-Comix. Maybe Jam (author of WT) just didn’t want to ruin my creative streak by giving me a good jolt of joy juice. So thanks, Jam for keeping me creative, I guess. I’m feeling very “creative” today; and as long as I’m not happy about it, the creativity persists. You might want to check out WT: it makes me chuckle most of the time.

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