Fill in blanks 1 and 2 with some demographic composite and a job title respectively.

“Well, sure we’d hire a [blank_1] if we found a qualified one.”

Except that to be “qualified” you have to fit the prevailing culture’s idea of what a [blank_2] looks like. It has nothing to do with qualifications or raw ability to perform the work.   It has everything to do with the prevailing work culture.  Must also like male-focused heterosexual porn, misogynistic humor,   internet gaming,  metal, and crappy Chinese take-out. Hey, it’s their money.  If they think that every  [blank_1] is a poor “fit”, mostly due to their [blank_1]-ness  no amount of affirmative action, ADA, or EEOC rulings is going to force them to hire one.  Of course it’s illegal to actually come out and say this.  So they don’t.

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