Certain inanimate objects  (e.g. rubber bands and crumpled receipts)  tend to give the impression that they are constantly making whoopee in dark corners of drawers and shelves when I’m not looking, because there are always more and more of them each time I look.  It seems that the more useless the item, the greater probability that they will procreate in one’s musty corners.  Therefor it would be unusual for plastic storage containers, which are actually fairly useful,  to multiply.   Normally I can’t find one that is both the right size and with a lid that fits.  But when I came back from my travels to South America, Wow!  There were hundreds of  high quality tupperwares and other plastic food containers that I absolutely know I had never seen before.     I went on a food storing binge just so I could use some of them.   I hoped that this was the start of a trend, and that some of the money in my investment account would behave likewise, but in this sucky economy you’re lucky to break even with money.  Damn!

When I recovered from my jet lag I realized, of course,  that without me here to cook, my remaining behind family members were failing to prepare and consume the massive supply of victuals I had laid in for them, because that would have required washing, peeling, chopping, and (oh horror) actually combining and cooking in something other than a microwave.  The plastic containers, therefore,  were obviously brought in by friends attempting to prevent my family from starving.  But the image of recycled yogurt buckets and  tupperwares getting it on in the pantry gave me a chuckle.,

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